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Yo-Yo Weight Guidelines

Posted by Bindicator on Jan 6, 2016 2:02:31 PM


The Yo-Yo™ weight and cable sensor is one of the most trusted level measurement methods in the dry bulk solids industry. It is a reliable continuous level sensor that is designed to provide accurate, reliable inventory management information for tanks and silos. Its LCD display can configure and monitor up to 99 sensors.

One of the features that makes the Yo-Yo so versatile is the variety of weights included in the offering. The matrix below provides general guidelines for each type of weight. 


Plastic Digestible Weight: This weight is digestible in downstream equipment. It is made of HDPE and be used in low angle of repose materials. The bottle is filled to the required weight typically using the material that is in the vessel, thus reducing or eliminating cross contamination and causing little to no impact on the process should the weight get lost or buried. 

Plastic Spike Weight: This weight should be used in high angle of repose materials. The body and spike are made of ABS plastic - this material is much harder than the standard plastic weight, making it more durable, especially in cold weather climates.

SS Bob Weight: The SS Bob Weight is used in applications where plastics may not be the best option, such as higher temperatures or liquid/solid interface.

PVC Jacketed Bob Weight: This weight is the same basic design of the SS Bob Weight - just encased in PVC for corrosion resistance. This weight was specifically designed for salt brine, liquid/solid interface applications.

Low Density SS Weight: This weight is used to measure low density materials where other weights might sink through the surface and be trapped or indicate incorrectly. Unlike other weights that seal against the bellows in the bottom of the sensors, it is installed from the inside of the silo and seals against the tank entry.

Low Density Plastic Weight: This is a cross between the SS Low Density Weight and the Spike Weight and should also be installed from the inside of the tank.

SS Float Weight: This weight is primarily used for liquid applications (floats).

Watch the Yo-Yo Cable & Weight in Action!

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