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Air Radar's Built-in Reliability

Posted by Bindicator on Jul 13, 2016 3:19:35 PM

What makes the F78MP Series Air Radar Sensor such a reliable level measurement device? Its Echo Profile. The Echo Profile is the output of the product’s True Level Detect software. It is what allows the F78MP Series Air Radar Sensor to skip over obstructions/anomalies in the vessel and register the true level. The True Level Detect software uses a series of activities to ensure the suppression of false echoes in a reading. Those activities are:

1. Algorithms

True Level Detect has the capability for many algorithms - the algorithm used depends on the application conditions. The most common algorithm used in the dry bulk solids industry is ALF (Area, Largest, First).

2. Auto False-Echo Suppression

True Level Detect uses auto false-echo suppression – in other words, you can set a range and anything outside of that range will be ignored.

3. Dynamic TVT (Time Varying Threshold)

This is the threshold, or baseline, that changes dynamically. The TVT is shaped by changes in the bin environment(such as angle of repose, filling/discharging, etc.), material, obstructions in the vessel, and is subject to the algorithm used.

Learn more about the F78MP Series Air Radar Sensor here.

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